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Teaching Philosophy
Discipline Policy
Our philosophy of education is based on the premise that children thrive within definite
structure and guidance, but also need the opportunity to make choices within that structure.  
To that end, discipline is at the very heart of all of our planning at CCNS.

We strive to control discipline of class at the school through thorough planning of curriculum
using a wide variety of equipment and activities.  Activities and equipment are offered in
variety, number and ability levels so that each child can usually become involved in that
which is interesting to the individual.  Guidance by the staff in learning to use equipment and
to do activities is an integral part of the program.

The physical set up of areas used by the children takes into consideration what needs to be
readily accessible to the children as well as adequate space to work and play in groups or
individually, safely and without interference.

The staff structures time in planning so as to include a wide variety of activities, enough time
to complete projects, always keeping in mind attention spans and individual abilities.

In addition to careful structuring of the children’s environment, clear, concise teaching of
rules and expectations is carried out by the staff.  The process of orientation for the children
is the main thrust at the beginning of our school year and during initial attendance days of
children entering during the school year.  After the introduction of rules and expectations, the
children are reminded in positive statements concerning the appropriate behavior in specific
situation.  As the children are learning the guidelines for functioning individually and co-
operatively at school, the staff seeks to limit the
environment to those activities and equipment which the children handle successfully.  As
the ability to function in different situations is demonstrated by the group, a greater variety of
equipment and activities is offered.

When children have difficulty functioning within the rules and expectations as set forth by the
teachers, the mode of discipline used is that of natural and logical consequences.  The staff
will speak to the child in a very clear and appropriate manner and re-direct the child to a
different center or activity.  The staff is prohibited from using any punishment or actions,
which are humiliating or frightening to a child.  Children are never punished for lapses in
toilet training.  After repeated re-direction and warning a child may be “timed-out” (although
this is rare) for no more than a few minutes.  The staff will discuss any behavior problems
with the parents as soon as possible, usually after class.  Children who are a danger to
themselves or to others in the class, and who do not respond to appropriate disciplinary
measures can be discharged from the program.